Performance materials

The up-to-date scores, tapes and generally all the performance materials of the works listed on this page can be obtained for free directly from the composer. If you’re intending to perform any of these works please contact me and I’ll forward you the scores and the performance materials.


Electroacoustic Compositions

Pacman (2019-2020) for flute with or without electronics

Twine (2020) for solo violin, violin ensemble and electronics or for solo violin and fixed media

3 Stanzas (2013-2020) for fixed media

3 Visioni Fuggitive (2012-2015) for fixed media

Juicy Joyce (Subvocalizing) (2011-2015) for fixed media

La Quiete, La Fuga, Disordine (2013-2015) for cello and fixed media

A-Side/B-Side, Metamorfosi Improvvisa (2015) for oboe and electronics

Breve Improvvisazione Notturna (2012-2015) for fixed media

The Rite of Judgment (2010-2014) for fixed media

QFD (2014) for cello, string orchestra and fixed media

Rimembranze (2013-2014) for piano and electronics

Vocal Etude (2009-2011) for fixed media

Instrumental Compositions

Conflitto (2012-2016) for piano

Fulgur (2013-2015) for violin, viola, cello and piano

fLux (2015) for wind quintet

Leaf (2012-2018) for flute

Gratia Plena (2013-2015) for violin

Let Me Weep! (2011-2014) for piano

Piccolo Capriccio (2011-2014) for violin

ProPulsione (2014) for violin and piano

Due Scene (2011-2013) for violin

Incognito (2012) for string quartet